Paradise Design

Paradise Design is a National Award Winning design studio that specializes in the design of exotic gardens, modern landscapes, and high-end residential projects.  We also plan and design a variety of urban design projects including mixed-use blocks, entertainment complexes, plazas, parks, and streetscapes throughout the world.

Our recent projects include the design of a mixed-use, urban entertainment project for a popular beach community; and the design of one of the largest, most elaborate private estates in Florida.

This $2 million garden (pictured above and below) is part of a 100-acre private estate we designed for a sports star in Florida.

Aerial View of Estate
Urban Mixed-Use Botanical Garden / Entertainment Complex
1993 National Award Winning Tropical Pleasure Garden
Same Garden (during construction)
Same Garden (completed)
Same Garden - Monet Bridge View

New $30 Million Estate
Close-up of Pool Area
Aerial View of Estate

$10 Million Italian Villa
Same Italian Villa - Front View
Italian Villa - Court Yard View

Another Tropical Pleasure Garden
1985 National Award Winning New Victorian Estate
1998 National Award Winner
1998 National Award Winner

Lisa Marie Presley's Mansion
Waterfront Villa
New Waterfront Urban Village
Brownfield Reclamation New Town Design
100-Acre Greenfield New Town, Florida
UK Historic District Infill Project, Bath
Mixed Use New Town
New Mixed Use Town Center
Downtown Miami Transit Oriented Development
New Waterfront Town Center TOD
Metro Station Area Plan, DC
Greenfield Mixed Use Town Center
Regional Mall Conversion to New Town
Mall Conversion to New Town
Urban Infill in Montreal
Urban Infill in Montreal
New Urban Village in Florida
New Town in South Florida
Transit Oriented Development, DC
New Town Plan, Florida
A Winemaking Institute, Virginia
Before and After Computer Imaging
Before and After Computer Imaging

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